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Seed & Plants Suppliers

Partnerships with Accredited green houses for Seeds and with Accredited plant Nurseries

Supply of Irrigation systems and installation

Experts in Drip, in line and sprinkle system instsllation. Agents of leading irrigation systems suppliers.

Suppliers of Agriculture equipment

An area under development.

Farm Plans

Crop selection as per whether pattern, Soil condition and market demand. Crop rotation plans.

Organic Fertilizer Suppliers

Organic Liquid Fertilizer
Compost Fertilizer

Harvest to Market

Collection from the farm and deliver to the market

Consultation service & Agriculture projects

Total process management - Land acquisition/development to Sales . Experienced Qualified project management staff. Farm certification ( GAP).Consultancy services from industry experts.Maximum utilization of the land.Operation cost optimization.Maximum Yield per unit land area.Post-harvest losses minimization . Guaranteed profit

CAC Agriculture Project Management


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